Monday, 15 December 2008

Argentina: Two New Installations in Memory Park

Two new pieces have been added to the Parque de la Memoria in Buenos Aires, in honour of the disappeared. They are 30,000 by Nicolas Guagnini, whose father was disappeared, and Carteles de la memoria (Memory Signs) by the Grupo Arte Callejero (Street Art Group). Guagnini's sculpture is a series of vertical poles on which are formed a large reproduction of a photo of his father, while the art cooperative have produced 58 symbolic road signs in memory of the victims of state terrorism.

I like this work and I think the Memory Park idea is great; when I was there, however, I was the only one, and I made the trek out there specifically because... well, I'm just into that kind of thing. It's pretty far from the city centre (it's location is also symbolic, as it's next to the estuary where the tortured, drugged detainees were dumped from planes to drown... but all that doesn't help much if people aren't going to visit a place intended for that very purpose). I really hope that the park has a bit more life to it these days.

Inauguran dos nuevas esculturas en la Parque de la Memoria

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