Sunday, 1 June 2008

Argentina: Acts of Memory

I missed this article a couple of weeks ago but it's worth linking to now: a look both at the development of the ESMA, Argentina's largest former clandestine detention centre, and the intimidation of witnesses in recent human rights trials.

Argentina's dirty war: the museum of horrors (Telegraph)

The presence of a Madre de Plaza de Mayo in the protests from the agricultural community on 25 May have generated debate, with other Madres apparently distancing themselves from her action:

Los panuelos que dividio el campo (Pagina/12)

In Cordoba, an archive of memory is now operating in a former detention centre, but activists are also seeking to develop a space for memory in the iconic detention centre, La Perla.

Cordoba no pierde la memoria (Pagina/12)

And the Haroldo Conti Cultural Centre has opened its doors in the former ESMA building:

"Este es un espacio en construccion" (Pagina/12)

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