Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Peru: Montesinos Testifies

After a few weeks of part-time hearings while Fujimori convalesced from an operation on his tongue, the trial has picked up again with eagerly-anticipated testimony from the ex-'spy chief' Vladimiro Montesinos.

The Peruvian press is united in focusing on the story and on Montesino's defence of his former boss. La Republica, with its typical large image on the front page, goes for side-by-side portraits of the two and the headline "They're still accomplices".

El Comercio also keeps its customary style of numerous stories on the front page but its images, while small, are similar to that of La Republica:
Peru 21 has been playing around a little and gone for an even more obvious representation of the pair's close relationship:

The headline here is a saying which could be translated in a variety of ways - 'like two peas in a pod', or 'hand in glove' perhaps... but maybe 'thick as thieves' is the most appropriate rendering.

In the English language press, you can read the BBC's report on the proceedings:

Spy chief defends Peru's Fujimori (BBC)

The Peruvian Times notes that:
Fujimori, 69, could hardly contain a grin as his former spy chief described him as a "courageous" hero who defeated a bloody leftist insurgency and lifted Peru from its knees.
He then argued with the prosecutor and refused to answer questions.

Fujimori's former spy chief testifies he is innocent of sanctioning death squad (Peruvian Times)

Finally, don't forget the excellent bilingual blog, Fujimori on Trial.

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