Sunday, 14 February 2010

Chile: New Commission Founded

Following on the Rettig and Valech commissions, are they are known, Chile has founded another organisation to establish reparations for the victims of state terrorism in that country.
The commission's secretariat, made up of about 60 lawyers, psychologists, social workers and other professionals, will collect testimony for the first six months. Then the eight commissioners will work on the accreditation of the claims in each individual case during the following six months.

Victims who qualify will be eligible for monetary, medical, educational and housing benefits provided as reparations.
The official site of the new Comision Asesora para la calificacion de detenidos desaparecidos, ejecutados politicos y victimas de prision politica y tortura is here.

Another Chance for Reparations for Pinochet Victims

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