Friday, 21 May 2010

Peru: 30 Years On

AFP has published an article to mark thirty years since the Shining Path's start of 'armed struggle'. I'm not convinced I agree with the description of them "sweeping" into Chuschi to burn the ballot boxes in 1980, as everything I've ever read suggests that that incident was not a spectacular one but really only gains significance with hindsight. Nevertheless, this quote is succinct and to the point:

The war left 100,000 orphans, displaced 600,000 people, and resulted in material losses of some 20 billion dollars, the Truth Commission said.

"That cost, heavier than all of Peru's wars combined, is Shining Path's most lasting legacy," said Peruvian analyst Ruben Vargas. [emphasis mine]

30 years on, Peru's Shining Path remnants live on (AFP)

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