Monday, 23 August 2010

Argentina: Disappeared Child Testifies

The first dirty-war kidnap victim to be identified by DNA tests returned from Spain to testify that a former government intelligence agent not only stole her from her parents, but sexually abused her as well.
Carla Rutila's parents died in Automotores Orletti. She was found by the Grandmothers in 1985, when she was ten.
"I didn't stop looking at him," Rutila told a news conference at the Grandmothers headquarters Thursday, nearly a week after her testimony last Friday. "That was my goal: to be able to look him in the face and know that he wouldn't be able to look back. For me it was a powerful sort of recovery. ... It's as if a weight has been lifted from me."
Guerrillas' child testifies against kidnapper (AP)

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