Sunday, 12 June 2011

Chile: Exhumations

Chile's collective memory is currently focused on a couple of emblematic cases. After decades of general agreement that Salvador Allende had committed suicide during the military coup, this appears to have been thrown into doubt during the latest exhumation of his remains.

Exhumation of President Allende of Chile aims to settle mystery (NY Times)
President Allende’s death “may not have been a suicide” suggests forensic expert (Mercopress)
Chile military file suggest Allende may not have killed himself (NY Times)

Meanwhile, the death of poet Pablo Neruda is next in line for reinvestigation:

Pablo Neruda's death is next to be investigated as Chile exhumes its past
(LA Times)
Chile murder probe into death of author Pablo Neruda (AFP)
Inquiry ordered in poet's death (NY Times)

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