Saturday, 8 October 2011

Argentina: Duret expelled from Chile

Progress was made on another case in Argentina this week. Alejandro Duret had fled to Chile in an attempt to avoid a lengthy jail sentence - and Chile sent him back. Duret, a retired Argentine colonel, is linked with the kidnapping, torture and ultimate disappearance of political opponent Carlos Labolita in 1976.
"He simply came into the country and was expelled," a Chilean foreign ministry spokeswoman told CNN.
Well, that's admirably efficient - it doesn't always work like that. Pagina/12 reported yesterday that he is already in prison.

Chile expels Argentine military involved in crimes against humanity (Mercopress)
Argentine presses forward with human rights trials (CNN)
Chile entrego al represor Duret en el Cristo Redentor (Pagina/12 via Projecto Desaparecidos)
Chile entrego al ex coronel (Clarin, also photo source)
Duret ya esta preso en Marcos Paz (Pagina/12)Link

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