Friday, 20 January 2012

Peru: More on Movadef

Yesterday for the first time I mentioned Movadef, the movement which has grown out of Peru's Shining Path and is currently attempting to be recognised as a legal political organisation, to the consternation of parties across the political spectrum. Questions are being asked about where the group is getting its support from and what Peru is doing wrong if its young people can be prepared to turn to a Shining Path-linked group - important questions, I feel.

Caricaturist Carlin in today's La Republica sums up the position of the new group:

- There was no terrorism.* There were bombs, murders of authorities, leaders, farmers, men, women and children, but none of that was terrorism.
- Will you people commit acts of terrorism?
- According to what I've said, obviously not.

There's not much in English around yet, but this is a good overview from the Peruvian Times:
Legislators To Back Bill To Block Movadef Registration

*More in this article about what happened in the 1980s "not being terrorism".

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