Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Peru: Capture of Artemio round-up

The last couple of weeks have seen, unsurprisingly, a flurry of articles triggered by the capture of Shining Path leader "comrade Artemio"/Florindo Flores. Most of the discussion centres on the link between the traditional model of Shining Path as guerilla/terrorism group and the more recent focus on drug trafficking. Here's a selection of English-language reports of note, with the oldest first:

Peru Captures Shining Path Leader Artemio (Peruvian Times)

"It is without a doubt a very important capture, but the drug trafficking industry will continue operating," Nobel Panduro, an experienced radio journalist based in the area where Artemio’s group was active, told IPS by telephone.
Drug Trade Will Weather Peruvian Rebel Chief’s Capture (IPS)

Peru Shining Path Leader Transferred To Counter-Terrorism Police (Peruvian Times)

“I assume [responsibility] for everything,” Flores reportedly said. “I assume them as the head of the Huallaga Regional Committee. What you have read (the killings) are incidents of war.”
Shining Path Leader Admits To Killings, Denies Drug Traffic Links (Peruvian Times)

The leader of the Shining Path rebel group in Peru has been charged with terrorism and drug trafficking.
Shining Path leader Comrade Artemio charged in Peru (BBC)

This article is the most interesting from the "memory" point of view as it considers the aftermath of the Tarata bombing in Lima, which took place just a few months before the capture of Abimael Guzman.
Peru's Shining Path rebels: Old enemy, new threat (BBC)

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