Sunday, 15 April 2012

International memory trends

Just thinking aloud in more than 140 characters:

I was just looking at some pictures at the outing of dictatorship-era perpetrators on the Blog do Sakamoto, as pointed out by Transitional Justice in Brazil, and I noted the slogan "Se não há justiça, há esculacho popular". This obviously mirrors "Si no hay justicia, hay escrache" (Argentina) and "Si no hay justicia, hay funa" (Chile). I'm not claiming that it's surprising, in the digital age, that groups learn and share ideas across national boundaries, merely that it's heartening. It's kind of a counterbalance to all the Operation Condor stuff, no?

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Anonymous said...

Absolutely! What is surprising is that it's taken this long for there to be escrachos/esculachos in Brazil, given that the names of 400 accused perpetrators have been public knowledge since the organizers of Brazil Nunca Mais released them in 1985.