Sunday, 17 February 2013

Peru: US embassy warns of kidnap risk

The US embassy in Peru has warned its citizens of a possible risk of kidnap by "members of a criminal organisation" in the Cusco region. The organisation is apparently Shining Path remnants. Peru is irritated by the warning, concerned about a possible detrimental effect on tourism in the area.

Peru Objects to U.S. Embassy’s Warning to American Tourists (NY Times)
U.S. Embassy: ‘Credible’ Threat of Kidnapping in Cusco (Peruvian Times)

Premier: Alerta de EE.UU. sobre posibles secuestros no ha sido corroborada (La Republica)
Embajadora de EE.UU. sobre alerta de secuestro en Cusco: "Queremos levantarla lo antes posible" (La Republica)

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