Friday, 8 March 2013

Argentina/Iran round-up

There have been plenty of developments on the agreement between Argentina and Iran over the AMIA bombing, but unfortunately I was too snowed under with work to blog on it again. Here are some articles on the subject (since if I just tweet them they'll disappear soon enough).

Argentina Strikes Deal with Iran to Probe AMIA Bombing Suspects (IPS, 22/02)
Argentina passes deal with Iran to probe Amia bombing (BBC, 28/02)
Quorum fight in Argentina's Congress (Blogging by Boz, 28/02)
Argentine Congress Approves Iran Bombing Probe (NY Times, 28/02)
Jewish organization pledges to take Argentina/Iran accord to the Supreme Court (Mercopress)
Argentina’s Deal with Iran Could Carry Political Price (IPS, 01/03)

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