Saturday, 27 July 2013

Peru: Exhumations of prison massacre dead

Peruvian prosecutors have been overseeing exhumations of victims of the Peruvian prison massacres of 1986 over the past month.

AP reports that over 100 bodies of Lurigancho prisoners were recovered. In addition, El Comercio writes that eight former inmates of El Frontón were disinterred. The massacres occurred when the military put down coordinated uprisings of Shining Path prisoners in various jails.

Security surrounding the exhumations, which are part of the investigations into extrajudicial executions, was apparently tight.

More Than 100 Bodies Exhumed in Peru (New York Times)
Exhuman cadáveres de presos asesinados 1986 (
Fiscal exhumó restos de ocho muertos en El Frontón (El Comercio)

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