Thursday, 9 January 2014

Argentina judges civilians involved in dictatorship

Spanish daily El País has a very good article on the prosecution of civilians involved with the military dictatorship in Argentina - or, as it is sometimes known nowadays, the civil-military dictatorship.

In 2013, 16 non-uniformed people were convicted of crimes from the "dirty war" period, up from nine in 2012. 142 people, including those 16, were convicted last year.

Of those 16, eight of them were involved in the abduction and illegal adoption of stolen babies, six were intelligence officials, one was a doctor involved in the treatment of pregnant detainees, and one was a lawyer.

Of the 2,335 people involved in current cases, 272 of them are civilians. Around 53 of those worked in the judicial system. 32 were judges, but only one of those - Víctor Brusa - has been sentenced to date. Brusa was found guilty in 2009 because he visited the clandestine detention centres. Other are being investigated or about to be tried for dismissing the petitions for information from the families of disappeared people, collaborating in the concealment of bodies, giving false causes of death on death certificates, complicity in the stealing of babies, and so on.

Argentina juzga a los civiles involucrados en delitos de la dictadura militar (El País)

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