Monday, 21 April 2008

Blogging Memory in Latin America

For some years I kept a file on my bookshelf labelled 'Latin America in the news', and stuffed with clippings and printouts. This then became a digital version; an unwieldly mess of 'bookmarks' on my internet browser. This third incarnation, then, is a tentative attempt to keep up with the news coming from Latin America - and if it proves to be a useful resource to others, so much the better. It's also a result of seeing a lot of interesting articles which aren't appropriate to include on my other, more personal, blog about living in Germany, but which I'd really like to comment on or acknowledge in some way.

It will:

1) focus primarily on issues of memory, by which I generally mean the continuing attempts to clarify, achieve justice, commemorate, and otherwise deal with the dictatorships and periods of state terrorism in Latin America.

2) focus on Latin America, with a probable bias towards South, rather than Central, America, and on the countries of Peru and Argentina - since these are the ones which which I am most familiar with. I will include other relevant stories however.

3) draw from English- and Spanish-language sources, but any comment here will be in English. Any translations are my own unless otherwise stated.

It won't, however, include copies of entire articles... many news blogs seem to, and I'd like to follow suit, but it seems it is a breach of copyright so I think I'll settle for quoting and linking. The majority of news sources now use stable URLs for their articles so the links shouldn't really disappear in the near future. Let's see how it goes.

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