Friday, 2 April 2010

Argentina News

"What happened to the fathers?"
More on the fathers of the disappeared, who are the subject of a new documentary film Padres de la Plaza: 10 recorridos posibles (Fathers of the Plaza: 10 Possible Journeys). This is a fascinating article and I'd love the chance to see the film too.
Fathers of the disappeared (NACLA)

Remembering the Falklands/Malvinas invasion
On the 28th anniversary of the 1982 invasion of the islands:
Message from the Falkland Islands Government on the 28th Anniversary of the Invasion by Argentina (Mercopress)
Argentina to See Biggest Anti-British Protests for Years (Mercopress)

Anti-Semitic Grafitti in Buenos Aires
Anti-semitic slogans appeared on the walls near a hotel where Jewish families were celebrating Passover. Note that the article says that these were in German; I strongly doubt that they were painted by a native speaker, as "Morten" is not actually a German word ("Tod" means death, "Mord" means murder). Still, the point is pretty clear.
"Repudio e indignacion" (Pagina/12)

Noble Case Still in Limbo
The magistrate who was involved in the case which led to the brief arrest of Ernestina Herrera de Noble in 2002 discusses the current controversies
"Felipe y Marcela Noble son hijos de desaparecidos (Proyectos Desaparecidos)
Meanwhile, legal disputes continue about the fate of the DNA samples:
Aceptan "recurso de queja" de los Noble Herrera (Critica, via Proyectos Desaparecidos)

National Database of Torture Victims to be Founded
Registro Nacional de Casos de Tortura: Un banco de datos a prueba de golpes (Pagina/12 via Proyectos Desaparecidos)
Primer Registro Nacional de Casos de Tortura (Comision Provincial por la Memoria)

Argentina Revisits Dictatorship: A Year of Human Rights Trials (Latin America Activism)
Photos of one year anniversary of Raul Alfonsin's death (Critica)

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