Thursday, 2 August 2012

Argentina: Cuban diplomat disappeared in 1976 identified

Argentine daily Pagina/12 reports that remains discovered by children on an airfield in June have been identified as those of Crescencio Nicomedes Galañena Hernández, a Cuban diplomat disappeared by the Argentine military regime in 1976.

Galañena Hernández and his colleague Jesús Cejas Arias were abducted on 9 August 1976 just after leaving the Cuban embassy in Buenos Aires where they worked. The following week, it was reported that their diplomatic credentials were sent to the Associated Press along with a letter purporting to be from the men and claiming that they had fled to the West. In fact, they were being held in Automotores Orletti, the detention centre used as a base for Operation Condor (ie for many of those disappeared not of Argentine origin). There, according to US journalist John Dinges, they were also interrogated by CIA agent Michael Townley and Cuban-American Guillermo Novo Sampoll. 

Former general Rodolfo Cabanillas and perpetrators Raúl Guglielminetti, Eduardo Alfredo Ruffo and Honorio Carlos Martínez Ruiz have already been convicted of the disappearance of the Cubans.

The Argentina forensic anthropology team (EAAF) carried out the DNA testing that has identified Galañena Hernández.

En un barril de metal lleno de cemento (Pagina/12)

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