Sunday, 28 April 2013

Argentina: Astiz's mother charged with child abduction

Alfredo Astriz is, of course, one of the most notorious perpetrators of human rights abuses during the Argentine dictatorship and currently on trial in the "death flights" case.

Now, a judge in Mar del Plata has also started proceedings against his mother and two other people over the approproation of a child during dictatorship, La Nación reports.

The judge, Santiago Inchausti, maintains that the accused are "prima facie co-authors of the crimes of taking and hiding a minor". The facts are related to an incident on 9 March, 1977, involving a newborn baby at a clandestine maternity clinic operating at the time in Mar del Plata. The handing over of the baby was allegedly conducted via the intervention of Astiz's parents, María Elena Vázquez de Astiz and the late Alfredo Bernardo Astiz. The judge is investing the hypothesis that the baby was the child of disappeared people from the area.

Procesan a la madre de Alfredo Astiz por la apropiación de un menor durante la dictadura (La Nacion)
Procesan a tres imputados en una causa por la apropiación de un menor (CIJ)

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