Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Argentina: Madres de Plaza de Mayo commemorate 36 years

Yesterday, 30 April 2013, it was 36 years since the first, small group of women got together in the Plaza de Mayo in Buenos Aires to call for the return of their detained-disappeared children. I'm sure they never imagined that they were embarking on a lifestyle of struggle.

The overwhelming majority of the mothers never got their happy ending: their children did not come back to them. Most of them do not even know what happened to them. But, as it says on the Madres' website, they made the best out of the worst. They turned their own tragedy into political activism - and that is, of course, why they are not uncontroversial figures, saints of the people.

The Asociacion Madres attended an event in their honour at the ex-ESMA site, where groups including the children of the disappeared, HIJOS, paid tribute to their work. The Linea Fundadora madres attended a separate event at the Plaza de Mayo.

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