Saturday, 22 February 2014

Argentina: Remains of vice-governor of Tucumán discovered

It has been confirmed that the remains discovered in the Pozo de Vargas, Tucumán, include those of the former vice-governor of the province, Dardo Francisco Molina, who was murdered during the dictatorship. The identification was carried out by the Argentine forensic anthropology team EAAF.  He was found in a common grave from which a futher 12 victims have also been identified so far.

Molina, senator and vice-governor of Tucumán under Amado Juri, was relieved of his post following the 1976 coup. He was abducted on 15 December that year by an armed group identifying themselves as members of the federal police. The task force is said to have been under the control of the late Antonio Domingo Bussi. 

His daughter, Josefina Molina, said "He didn't go to Spain like they said, they tried to make him disappear but they couldn't. Dad is here". She also reiterated her commitment to finding out the details of what happened to him and pursuing justice.

Memoria y verdad en Tucumán (Pagina/12)

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