Saturday, 26 April 2008

Peru angry at EU's decision not to class MRTA as terrorists

Peru's front pages are filled with righteous anger over the decision of the European Parliament not to include the MRTA in its list of terrorist organisations. President Alan García is also furious at the intervention of human rights organisation APRODEH, who sent a letter to the European Parliament pointing out that the MRTA have been practically inactive for the past eight years and that their main leaders are currently imprisoned.

García sees this as an affront to the memory of conflict in Peru, I guess, but I have to concur with APRODEH: as far as I'm aware this is a current list of terrorist groups, and the MRTA are no longer a serious threat. This is not to dismiss the past crimes they committed.

Alan García califica de lamentable y grave decisión europea sobre MRTA (El Comercio)

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