Monday, 28 July 2008

No Justice for Putis?

A moving piece by Beatrice Merino, Peru's Ombudswoman (Defensora del Pueblo)...
Imagine that one day you answer the military’s offer for protection from terrorist attacks. Imagine that because you were convinced that you were protected beside the military base, you headed back to your town to bring other campesinos, including your wife and children, along with you.

Imagine that after a few days tragedy strikes, that the military from whom you expected protection turned into criminals. The women are raped before being killed, the men are deceived into digging their own graves and 19 children under the age of seven are killed to make sure there will be no trace in the future. Can you imagine something like this? Well, this is how it happened...
Full translation in the Peruvian Times

And the original, No hay justicia para Putis? (La Republica)

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