Monday, 5 January 2009

Argentina News

"Tigre" and others maintain silence
Accused ESMA torturers Jorge "el Tigre" Acosta, Juan Carlos Rolón, Pablo García Velazco, Alberto González and Jorge Carlos Radice were brought before a judge today, where they all denied the charges against them and refused to answer further questions, according to Pagina/12's sources.

El "Tigre" Acosta y otros cuatros represores que actuaron en la ESMA se negaron a declarar

Investigation into the Triple A
Interesting - we don't hear so much now about the paramilitary right-wing death squads from before the 1976 military coup, of which the Triple A (Argentine Anti-Communist Alliance) was the foremost. It is under investigation for almost 700 cases of abduction, assassination, disappearance, threats and attacks between 1973 and 1976.

El terror antes del terror (Pagina/12)

Cavallo prosecution
Ricardo Cavallo, formerly of the Argentine Navy, is to be prosecuted for the disappearance and murder of Rodolfo Walsh, Alicia Domon and Leonie Duquet, some of the most notorious crimes of the dictatorship. Cavallo was extradited from Mexico, initially to Spain, and has been part of a legal game of ping-pong regarding the site for a possible trial.

El ex marino Cavallo, procesado por la muerte de Walsh, Domon y Duquet (Critica)

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