Thursday 5 March 2009

Argentina: Perps Suffer Amnesia in Court

Alfredo Astiz today denied participating in the task force which killed Argentine-Swede Dagmar Hagelin in 1977.

When asked about the 'death flights', in which living prisoners were dumped into the Rio de la Plate estuary, he replied "I don't know what you're talking about".

His superior, Jorge 'el Tigre' Acosta, explained that "it's very difficult to remember the events you are accusing [me] of".

Such claims stretch credibility, but are in themselves unsurprising, since the number of people who turn around after years of determinedly evading justice by every means possible and then make a full and contrite confession is, well - can you think of anyone? No, neither can I. Even telltale Scilingo, when he realised that his admissions could after all land him in jail, tried to backtrack and deny them again.

Astiz y Acosta olvidaron los vuelos de la muerte y los operativos de la ESMA (Critica Digital)

Astiz nego haber participado en la desaparicion de Dagmar Hagelin (Clarin)

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