Wednesday, 8 July 2009

News Round-Up

From Fujimori on Trial, a quick visual overview of the twists and turns of the case - invaluable if you haven't got the time or inclination to read through hundreds of pages of documents.

Rifle Used to Kill Chile's Victor Jara Turns Up (Latin American Herald Tribune)
Interesting - but can anyone tell me how they know that it is exactly THE rifle? According to this article, it "was standard issue for the Chilean army at the time of the putsch" and "ballistics tests enabled authorities to determine what kind of weapon fired the bullets". What kind of weapon? Or which one exactly? CSI fans want to know.

10,000 Victims of Colombia's Violence to Receive Compensation Payments (Impunity Watch)

Peru Supreme Court Ratifies Guilty Verdict Against Former Chief of National Intelligence Service for La Cantuta Massacre (Peruvian Times)
Peruvian Times headlines never leave anything to add.


Anonymous said...

To add to this list, also in the Latin American Herald Tribune this morning (, the family of Joao Goulart, who was deposed in 1964 in Brazil, which began twenty years of dictatorship, believes Brazil is "not committed to investigating his death."

The memories of the past are quick to be shuttled under the collective rug. It is often believed that it'll never happen again, but, if true, forgetting the past - such as Goulart's murder in 1976 in exile - only hastens our folly in repetition.

Lillie Langtry said...

Good call, thanks.