Sunday, 17 July 2011

Peru: Accomarca suspect extradited

A Peruvian former army officer, Telmo Hurtado, has been extradited from the US to face trial over the 1985 Accomarca massacre. Hurtado has served jail time in Peru before, but was let out in the amnesty. When the amnesty law was annulled, he went to the US.

Hurtado bears the nickname 'butcher of the Andes'. Believe me, if your behaviour during the Peruvian conflict was brutal enough to earn you that kind of nickname, it was really brutal.

'Butcher of the Andes' faces trial in Peru (AFP)
"Butcher of the Andes" returned to Peru by Interpol (Living in Peru)
US extradites Telmo Hurtado to Peru over 1985 massacre (BBC)

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