Sunday, 31 March 2013

Peru: Cipriani calls for Fujimori pardon

Peruvian cardinal Juan Luis Cipriani has given an interview to paper Correo in which he says that "the time is ripe" for former president Fujimori to be pardoned. 
I think that the division created by terrorism will not be closed while there is not a dimension of reconcilation and forgiveness. I think it will be difficult for Peru to regain its unity while we do not venture [to seek] reconciliation, forgiveness and mercy. I'm not just talking about the case of president Fujimori. [...] I think that the pardon is mature enough to take a decision. It's a benefit which is in the hands of the President when certain circumstances make it appropriate to pardon a certain person. [...] We are still living in a climate of hate, vengeance and disqualifications which is not reasonable.

Here's the whole interview:
Cardenal Cipriani sobre indulto a Fujimori: "No nos escondamos en el m├ędico o la ministra" (Correo)

Of course, we wouldn't expect much else from Cipriani - who was also opposed to the truth and reconciliation commission. He sits on the fairly extreme end of the spectrum of church officials, according to whom anyone complaining about human rights terrorists is either a) a terrorist b) baying for revenge, or more probably c) both. Nevertheless, it's disappointing that a public figure displays such little understanding of justice and such a lack of compassion for the families of Fujimori's victims.

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