Thursday, 8 May 2008

Peru: Colina Acted Under Fujimori's Orders, Says Robles

Ex-general Rodolfo Robles has testified in Fujimori's trial that the Grupo Colina, the paramilitary group which carried out the 1992 Cantuta massacre, acted directly on the orders of Alberto Fujimori, the then-President, and the state intelligence service (SIN), which were "two sides of the same coin". It's clear that the SIN was strictly controlled by Fujimori and Montesinos and stretches belief that they could have been unaware of its activities; of course, it remains to be seen how strong the evidence is.

Robles also confirms that the phrase "eliminar el enemigo" (eliminate the enemy), which appears in military manuals from the time of the conflict against Shining Path, does mean, as you might expect, "kill them", and not anything more ambiguous.

On a lighter note, La Republica reports that Fujimori apparently fell asleep during the hearing and had to be woken before the cross-examination could continue.

El grupo Colina acto bajo el mando de Fujimori, segun ex general (La Republica)

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