Friday, 30 May 2008

Argentina: Another Grandchild Found

Another disappeared grandchild has been identified in Argentina, the 90th so far. This situation echoes in some ways that of the previous disappeared child (which I posted about here): like Evelyn Vaquez, Laura Ruiz Dameri, now 27, had refused to cooperate with the investigation, but a federal judge ordered inspectors to gather DNA samples from her belongings.

There is a difference though, in the experiences of Laura as compared to that of her older siblings. While she was born in captivity, her brother and sister were abandoned at different hospitals with signs around their necks stating their names. They were later adopted legally by local families, while Laura was adopted illegally by a naval officer. The older brother and sister have been aware of their origins for some years and are in touch with both their adopted and biological families. Laura's tragedy seems to run even deeper.

Tests identify Argentine kipnap victim (Yahoo)

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