Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Argentina: Human Rights Abusers Sentenced

Alberto Barda has been sentenced to life imprisonment, and Hipólito Mariani and César Comes to 25 years each for their parts in illegal deprivation of liberty, torture and homicide in the clandestine detention centres Mansión Seré and La Cueva.

Mariani and Comes continued to protest their innocence, while Barda remained tightlipped before the sentencing. They are the first members of the armed forces to undergo oral trials.

I know it's all thirty years too late, and not enough, but I do a little mental victory dance every time I read that another of the military perpetrators is going where he belongs - behind bars.

Mansion Sere: perpetua para Barda y 25 años para Mariani y Comes (Critica Digital)

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