Friday, 7 November 2008

Colombia: Military Violence Update

Two Numbers
Plan Colombia and Beyond reminds us that many Latin American human rights abusers have trained at WHINSEC, formerly the School of the Americas.

The same blog gives us a reality check on Colombia's progress against impunity.

Plus, from IPS, Right Groups Want "Body Count" General Investigated


Lee Rials said...

Just a simple question. Can you show even one example of anyone learning anything illegal, immoral or unethical at the School of the Americas or at WHINSEC? I didn't think so. Saying so with no evidence is a moral libel of your fellow man (and woman). This is especially fraudulent now that every country we work with has elected civilian leadership--and the militaries are supporting those elected civilian leaders.

The best defense I can give of the institute is to tell you to come see for yourself. Anyone can do so, with nothing more than a photo ID to get onto Fort Benning.

Lee A. Rials
Public Affairs Officer
Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation

Lillie Langtry said...

Thanks for your comment Lee, and the invitation, which I won't be able to take up as I'm in the wrong continent, but if I'm ever passing through Georgia I'll bear it in mind. A quick search shows me that your post as Public Affairs Officer at WHINSEC involves posting comments such as this on numerous blogs which mention the institute... well, if it helps, I guess.

I think your ire is misplaced since if you read my post 1)it mentions WHINSEC in one sentence, 2)it states a simple face with no judgement given and 3)its purpose is to direct you to a different blog, where presumably your comment would be better directed.

But anyway, naturally I'll be giving this some thought and will write a full post on my thoughts on SOA/WHINSEC, where you are also free to accuse me of 'moral libel' if you so wish.