Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Argentine: Children of the Disappeared

A new book relating the experiences of the children of the disappeared has come out in Argentina, "De vuelta a casa. Historias de hijos y nietos restituidos" (Back Home: Stories of Recovered Children and Grandchildren). It sounds fascinating, and it's definitely time to hear the very varied stories of the found grandchildren (for more on the work of the Grandmothers' group, a good start is Rita Arditti's Searching for Life).

Children of the 'Disappeared' Tell their Stories (IPS)


rabidgandhi said...


some time ago i translated some first hand accounts told by children of the disappeared in argentina into english for a project that never came to fruition. any good ideas for a productive use for them?

Lillie Langtry said...

Hi rabidgandhi,

How interesting, and what a shame that the translations haven't so far seen the light of day. I can't call myself an expert on this type of thing, but I would imagine that you should be trying to publish them (assuming you have full rights to their use)? There are various smaller publishers which specialise in Latin American issues or similar. If that wasn't possible, well, it only takes a few minutes to set up a blog like this one and it's free, you could perhaps do something with that.