Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Blogging Note

Just a brief note to say it's great to see the number of subscribers to the blog creeping up. If you haven't checked out a blog manager like Google Reader as a way of keeping track of all your favourite blogs and news services, give it a go (and you can subscriber to this blog by clicking on the button on the right side bar or just by copying and pasting the URL into your reader). And, if you write your own blog, it'd be great to know about it either in the comments or by email - sometimes I find blogs from checking my stats or stumble across writers who are linking to me without me really being aware of it. This happened just yesterday when I came across small state and immediately thought "Great! A well-written, informed blog about Uruguay!" because you know, I've been on a day trip to Uruguay - nothing that would really qualify me to do more than post links to news about it. Blogs that fit in with the general direction of this one will, naturally, be added to the blogroll. Anyway, happy reading - I'll be back with a couple of actual content posts very shortly.


Otto Rock said...

small state: good enough for you lillie, good enough for me.

Great find; i've been trying to find a decent voice on Uruguay for a while.

Benjamin N. Gedan said...

Thanks for mentioning Small State. I just got back to the U.S. from Uruguay, but I'm going to continue writing about Uruguay while I'm living here. Feel free to leave comments any time. Keep up the great blogging.

Benjamin Gedan