Monday, 19 January 2009

Chile: Therapeutic Theatre

Ex-detained-disappeared Chileans are presenting a cycle of plays connected with the dictatorship:

"I think awareness of life becomes more intense when you’re facing death," said renowned Chilean actor and playwright Óscar Castro, the director of the plays being performed on Jan. 16, 17, 23 and 24.

The plays will be put on at the Teatro de la Memoria in the Villa Grimaldi Peace Park, a former detention and torture centre during the dictatorship of the late General Augusto Pinochet, now converted into a human rights memorial.

The plays are "Casimiro Peñafleta, preso político" (Political Prisoner Casimiro Peñafleta), "Érase una vez un Rey" (Once Upon a Time There Was a King), "El vuelo del Cuervo" (The Crow's Flight) and "El exiliado Mateluna" (The Exile Mateluna).

Castro wrote the first two in the Ritoque and Puchuncaví detention centres in Chile, and the last two in exile in France.

The whole article:
Ex Political Prisoners in Therapeutic Theatre (IPS)

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