Thursday, 1 January 2009

Argentine Reading Matter

Happy New Year all... I'm off for a long weekend away, so there won't be any more posts til January 5 at the earliest. I'll leave you with some interesting Argentine pieces I found just searching around:

An interesting account of the development of the memory museum at the ESMA, and seems generally soundly informed - except possibly for the bit about the running people over with motorcycles. It may be that that is true, but I've never heard of it before and I have read a lot about the torture at the ESMA. I'd be interested to get a source on that one.
Raw Nerves at a Museum of Argentina's "Dirty War" (US News and World Report)

And a description of a tour around the ESMA as well (I wonder if the 'Victor' mentioned as the tour guide is survivor Victor Basterra?)
Argentina's Space for Memory Opens its Doors in Former Clandestine Detention Center (WIP)

Finally, a review of the work of Argentine historian Luis Alberto Romero, who as it happens spoke at the first academic conference I ever went to. There are some interesting memory/history issues brought up here.
Remembering military dictatorship in Argentina (Old Hickory's Weblog)

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