Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Peru: Assessing the Year

Susana Villaran has a good review of the year in Peru on her blog. Spanish speakers can read the whole thing here.

Here is my translation of her 'human rights' section, with some relevant links to my posts added:

- A year of the trial of Alberto Fujimori Fujimori for the crimes of Barrios Altos, La Cantuta and the abductions of the businessman Dyer and the journalist Gorriti
- A year in which the President and the Vice President, the Peruvian Agency of International Cooperation and Congress persecuted human rights activists and human rights organisations.
- A year in which Military Jurisdiction continued not to recognise the verdicts of the Constitutional Court and the President named military judges in an unconstitutional manner.
- A year in which the Constitutional Court did not recognise the verdict of the Interamerican Court of Human Rights in the case of El Fronton.
- A year in which the plans for reparations to the victims of political violence made some progress in some regions and in the National Register of Victims, but without financial backing and enough political will.
- Another year with the National Plan for Human Rights forgotten.

It's not really a particularly bright picture for the last post of the year is it? Again, the full post is available here, in Spanish.

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