Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Chile: More on the 'false disappeared'

The BBC has picked up on the story of those counted among the disappeared who, in turns out, were not killed by the State after all. Note that it numbers these cases as three, but in fact there are three recent cases, and one from a few months back which makes four, and I was reading something this morning that quoted Bachelet as saying that there were five. Three, four, five... a few.
"Speaking as a woman who herself suffered this pain and as president of the nation, I am not going to accept that the suffering of families who are still awaiting truth and justice be taken advantage of nor much less played with," said President Bachelet.

Let's hope not.

Pinochet-era 'disappeared' found

Meanwhile, AFP is reporting that Chile will sue families who made false claims for benefits:

Chile to sue over false reports of Pinochet-era missing

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