Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Argentina: More on the Finds at Arana

"Bones don't lie or forget," explained anthropologist Clyde Snow in 1984, when he arrived in the country at the request of the Conadep [truth commission] to exhume bodies buried as NN ['no name']. Yesterday, almost a quarter of a century later, his disciples at the Argentine Forensic Anthropology Team (EAAF) confirmed the discovery of around ten thousand tiny fragments of bone, product of the incineration to which they were submitted, buried in the patio of the ex-clandestine detention centre which functioned during the dictatorship in the military post of Arana under the authority of the police of the province of Buenos Aires. The EAAF also confirmed the existence of a section of wall ten metres long with two hundred bullet holes, although it stressed that it could not associated them directly with the remains found. Just as the bodies of the Madres kidnapped in the church of Santa Cruz confirmed what the survivors of the ESMA had said about the death flights, the discovery in Arana confirms the testimonies of the victims of Etchecolatz, Von Wernich and so on about burning with tyres and petrol to make people disappear. [trans mine]

Buenos Aires Human Rights Secretary Sara Derotier de Cobacho said that this was the first time bodies had been found inside a detention centre and anticipated that the site would be turned into a memorial.

Un hallazgo que confirma el horror

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