Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Argentina: 25 Years of Democracy

[Wow, today is just full of anniversaries... got quite a few posts to fit in]

Yes, 25 years ago today Alfonsin took charge of a democratic government in Argentina. Congratulations to them - with six military coups in the twentieth century, a quarter of a century of uninterrupted democracy is truly something to cherish. That's not to say that it's been plain sailing: amnesty laws, rumblings from the armed forces, economic difficulties and corruption scandals have all threatened the democratisation process. The struggle goes on.

Clarin has a video slide show of the inauguration of Alfonsin, and tells of the commemorative act in the Plaza de Mayo.

Pagina/12 notes that
It won't all be commemoration and homage: there is also a mobilisation organised by Relatives and friends of the victims of violence and institutional impunity, who are protesting that "during all the constitutional governments of the last 25 years, the State security forces have systemically violated human rights."

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