Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Argentina: Human Remains Found

Quick hit: a pit full of bone fragments has been discovered inside one of the Argentine former clandestine detention centres, Arana in La Plata. It's another piece of unconvertible proof about the fate of the 'disappeared'. You wouldn't think that after thirty years of testimonies and legal evidence, and a truth commission, that anyone could need any more, but the lies and denials of the pro-military faction are truly impressive to this day.

But the evidence already shows that bodies were thrown into the pit, covered with fuel and burned along with tires, to mask the smell of burning flesh. More than 200 bullet marks were found along an adjacent wall.

The bones were not completely reduced to ash, allowing for genetic analysis to identify the dead. But Mr. Fondebrider cautioned that it would not be possible to identify many of the victims, because prolonged exposure to fire destroys most DNA.

If I get a chance I'll do a round-up on the Argentine reactions to this later.

Thousands of Human Bone Pieces Found in Argentine Jail (NY Times)

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