Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Check out the Pro-SL grafitti down my street

I spend most of my time here writing about places a long way away; I have spent time in South America but I'm not there now (sadly). But occasionally my subject comes home to me. I took these photos a while back just a couple of blocks from my house in Germany. I was pretty shocked the first time I saw this wall, I can tell you:

"Victory to the people's war in Peru"

"Long live Presidente Gonzalo! Long live the PCP!"

Yep, that's pro-Shining Path grafitti in the middle of Europe. To judge from the other grafitti in the area, I suspect that this is more likely to be the work of sympathisers of the Turkish communists who feel that Sendero has something in common with their aims, than actual Peruvian activists - but that's just my guess. Anyone else seen anything like this?


Greg Weeks said...

That is just sad.

Sneaksleep said...

When I lived in Chile several years ago, I remember seeing a "Solidarity with the Shining Path" protest after that incident when they had taken hostages at an embassy and Fujimori sent in troops and they were all killed.