Sunday, 14 December 2008

Brazil: Coconut Protest in Rio

Alterdestiny drew my attention to a memorial/protest act in Rio de Janeiro, in which coconuts were used to represent the number of people murdered during the last two years. I found the photos quite striking.


Anonymous said...

The vast majority of those killed were in some form or another linked to cocaine traffic or prostitution. We don't lose nothing here, they are the scum of the cities, the trash that should never ever had crawled from the sesspit where they were breed.

Lillie Langtry said...

Thanks for that Anon, you've just inspired me to ban anonymous comments.

On a serious note, I generally consider some things to be so obvious as not to need saying - my opinions are probably clear enough from the blog enough. But to spell it out: my understanding of human rights is that ALL humans have an intrinsic right to life. They don't earn it because of what they have achieved. I don't care if you are a cocaine-addicted prostitute or, on the other hand, a general who orders the extrajudicial excecution of indigenous peasants. I don't get to decide who 'deserves' human rights and that's why I don't support the death penalty for human rights abusers either, although I don't have much sympathy for them. Feel free to call me a naive, idealistic, lefty liberal (although please do it with a user name from now on), but these are the standards we have to aim for. That's all.

The Fam said...

"We don't lose nothing here, they are the scum of the cities..."

Wow, when Stuart Voss talks about a long nineteenth century, this guy REALLY does his best to keep stretching it out. Order, progress, and eugenics ("from the sesspit where they were breed") all in one lovely anonymous post.

Amazing that the cocaine traffickers and prostitutes live in a vacuum bubble that has no connection to the middle and upper class. (Tongue firmly in cheek.)