Monday, 8 December 2008

Argentina: Memory Culture

Three stories from Argentina:

A film based on the life of guerrilla Norma Arrostita, "Gaby, la montonera", has shown in the MALBA museum in Buenos Aires. "Gaby", the subject of the docu-drama, spent time in the ESMA. An interview with director César D’Angiolillo can be found here:
"Fue la guerrillera mas notoria de la Argentina" (Pagina/12)

I think it's fair to say it's not to everyone's taste:
If you want to see a film that - the off screen testimony of one ESMA survivor notwithstanding - endorses obedience to authority and resisting the most bestial torture to the death, yet repackages the life of a cool and dedicated revolutionary, who died in a failed attempt to achieve her vision of socialism in Argentina by force of arms, into a warm and cuddly package fit to be embraced by the flower of Barrio Norte progressive opinion, then you should go to see Luis César D’Angiolillo’s film about the life and death of Norma Arrostito.

Meanwhile, Estela Carlotto is interviewed on the occasion of the miniseries about the Abuelas, "Television para la identidad", winning an International Emmy. Carlotto points out that "There's no better prize than finding a grandchild", and this year has been a very successful one for the Grandmothers, with seven grandchildren found.

"Se logro romper un cerco" (Pagina/12)

Finally, artist Andrea Fasani has an exhibition called 30 (Treinta), in honour of the thirtieth anniversary of the relatives of the disappeared who were betrayed by naval officer Alfredo Astiz, the so-called "Angel of Death". Working undercover, the handsome sailor befriended some of the first Madres and then reported on their meetings to the military. Several of the women were then captured and killed. The exhibition is showing in the church of Santa Cruz, where the relatives met and were abducted.

Cuadernos para reforzar la memoria (Pagina/12)

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