Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Peru: Indigenous Are 'Holding Back' Peru

*Updated to include English transcript of the government-sponsored campaign*

If this isn't the most disgusting thing you've seen all day, you're having a worse day than I am. Listen to the Peruvian government declare that 'natives' are savagely murdering police officers in a selfish attempt to prevent 'Peruvians' (exactly what nationality are the indigenous supposed to be??) from progressing as a nation. This is a precise example of what I was on about yesterday, only I didn't expect to hear it in quite such strong terms from the state. Now I know better.

(h/t IKN)

[Opening screen text]: "And this is how the government makes peace with indigenous people?"
[Opening text of spot itself]: This is how extremism against Peru works.
[Clip of Alberto Pizango]: "...to declare our peoples in a state of insurgency - of insurgency-"
[Voiceover]: 22 humble police officers, murdered ferociously and savagely. This wasn't in battle. It was assassination. They had their throats cut in a cowardly fashion as they found themselves unarmed and defenseless. This is what they call "dialogue with extremists". The law guarantees the ownership of 12 million hectares for 400,000 natives and, moreover, it guarantees 15 million hectares as nature reserves. But the extremists, on international orders, want to hold Peru back. They want to stop Peruvians benefiting from the gas and oil underneath their ground. Let's unite against this crime. So that the fatherland doesn't lose what is has gained!
[Screen shows logo of the Ministry of the Interior]

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