Sunday, 27 December 2009

Argentina Trial Round-Up

Pagina/12 is looking back and forward at the crimes against humanity trials today: for the Spanish-speaking among you, it has a summary of the year's progress and what is awaiting us in 2010. The answer is: plenty more trials. On whole, I'd say the balance is positive. Justice has been delayed for far too long but at least we are seeing significant human rights abusers convicted. Let's hope the momentum keeps going.

Stats: 67 cases brought to trial in 2009
37 sentences from 11 trials - 32 convictions and 5 acquittals
Average delay between case being sent to trial and opening hearing: 1.5 years

List of major trials scheduled for next year: La hoja de ruta de 2010
List of those convicted so far: Los condenados

Plus: English-language summary of major cases from CELS (Centre for Legal and Social Studies)

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