Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Guatemala's Unregulated Morticians

This is slightly off-topic, but the Guardian has a fascinating photo slideshow today by Rodrigo Abd of Guatemala's funeral industry. They see fit to include a caveat that some may find the images distressing; certainly, you don't usually see pictures of dead bodies in the UK press. This makes me wonder whether there's a zoolike aspect to the Guardian's printing of these photos - "look at those crazy Latin Americans over where life is cheap". Nevertheless, the content of the images themselves is even more disrespectful, including as it does scenes of businessmen squabbling over bereaved relatives and dead bodies rubbing shoulders with broken-down cars. From this blog's point of view, though, the images of the issues - including practical considerations - surrounding death, grief, and mourning are very interesting.

Guatemala's unregulated morticians (Guardian)

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