Sunday, 13 December 2009

Argentina: Astiz in the News

"There are conflicting feelings," Ana Careaga, whose mother was kidnapped by order of Astiz, told AFP. "On one hand, there's deep pain, on the other we see that there can be justice 32 years later.

"It's important to see them in the dock."

Astiz is one of those figures from the Argentine dictatorship who seems to capture the interest of the media, and his "blond angel of death" nickname in particular crops up again and again. Although he is not the only defendant in the ESMA megatrial, there have been a whole series of articles focusing on him alone.

'Blond angel of death' on trial in Argentina (AFP, source of quote above)

Ex-officer tried for 'Dirty War' crimes in Argentina (BBC)

Argentine "Dirty War" Spy on Trial (Impunity Watch)

The "blond angel of death" on trial in Buenos Aires (Mercopress)

Trial begins for Argentina's 'Angel of Death' (AP)

Former Argentine Navy Officer to Be Tried in Torture Deaths (NY Times)

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