Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Argentina: Another Anniversary Looms

This is the high season of memory in Argentina, where many events are based around the anniversary of the 1976 coup on 24th March (now a national day for memory, truth and justice).

One of them is the inauguration of the former Campo de la Ribera, in Córdoba, as an official site of memory. This site was used as a clandestine detention centre from 1975-79. Since the return to democracy in 1983, the space has functioned as various schools and educational establishments. This redeployment of torture camps is one of the more shocking aspects of Argentine redemocratisation. Can you imagine saying, "Hm, Auschwitz? Could we not make use of it, as a sports centre perhaps? How about putting a cinema in?" Yet Buenos Aires schoolchildren were expected to attend swimming competitions in the ESMA until about 2004.

Finally, this situation in La Ribera was resolved, and the space will now be officially devoted to photographic exhibitions, memory and human rights related events and so on.

Ex-CCD/La Ribera

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