Saturday, 20 March 2010

Argentina: Delay to Noble Case

Until yesterday, I was reading that on Monday morning, tests would begin to compare the DNA samples of Marcela and Felipe Noble, the adopted children of Ernestina Herrera de Noble, with the samples of relatives of the disappeared in the National Genetic Database.

Now, however, the testing has been suspended indefintely, after the Noble children's lawyer submitted a request to appeal to the Supreme Court (as you can gather, this case has been dragging on for years now. The Nobles are resisting attempts to clarify the biological identity of the children with every means at their disposal and are one of the reasons the law was changed to allow suspected disappeared children to have genetic material removed against their will).

The Grandmothers (Abuelas de Plaza de Mayo) are protesting the move, claiming that the justice system is showing bias towards the powerful and wealthy Noble family, and demanding that the case be treated in the same way as other cases of disappeared children, which were clarified much more quickly. Indeed, considering that the case has already been through every possible type of appeal, you really have to ask how much longer the Noble lawyers' delaying tactics will be allowed to continue.

Abuelas de Plaza de Mayo acuso a la Justicia de "dilatar" la cause Noble
(Critica Digital)
Un fallo de postergo la primera prueba (Pagina/12)

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